Forex and gbpusd trading signals free after touching the bullish trend line and completing the Zigzag correction pattern
Published: Thursday, 11 January 2018 13:05
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gbpusd Technical Analysis and GBPUSD forecast :
GBPUSD Forecast and Free gbpusd trading signals free from Gold Pattern
Based on the analysis of the technical currencies and the analysis of the pound sterling
against the US dollar shows us clearly that
The GBPUSD ended with the formation of the zigzag pattern known as the measured move
or AB = CD pattern  and the form is finished
The two waves of the first wave are a decline from the level of 1.3600 to the level of 1.3490
And the second wave, which coincided with the first wave in length, began to decline
the price of the pound dollar from the level of 1.580 to the level of 1.3460
After the end of the bearish correction pattern, it is preferable to buy the GBP usd
The GBPUSD is testing the bullish trend line for the third time near the current 1.3460 levels
Summary of currency analysis and GBP / USD recommendations
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